Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Indian Women's Work Wardrobe

Usual travails make us wonder as to why are we forced to wear suits, ties and western formals at work and on important occasions and events? Why can't we wear Indian formals like silk or cotton kurtas at formal events?

It is almost mandatory for women in India to attend interviews and meeting wearing a shirt with a trouser, or to be safer, a full formal suit with blazer.

What is the connection between all this fancy clothing and work performance? Who decided that a kurti and legging does not indicate seriousness but saree or western formal does?

The semiotics of fashion is a fascinating subject. At its core the view is that the rules of fashion mimic the contemporary rules of authority and occupation. They also symbolize the ideology and mind-set of those who make up the rules defining fashion and attire. So, let us see some reasons to choose Indian formals over western ones:

1. Exhibit Strong Personality

Indian formals make you look more confident and convinced with your own looks. Ethnicity is the best way to represent your your own skin and feel proud about being one. 

Also, western formals are accepted to look good on the young population but what about the women in mid 30's? Are they equally confident wearing a trouser and a shirt. Women tend to get conscious about their body and figure in this age group. 

This is wear we can push ourselves and switch to Indian formals instead. We can solve the common problems with western formals like spaces between the buttons, and many more of similar sort. It's time to go a little ethnic by pairing a smart slim fit trouser with a trendy Kurti to spice it up with.      

2.  Breathable Fabric

It is very essential to be comfortable in the kind of fabric you are wearing. From work to play, athletic wear to evening wear, cotton is there. The fiber is so versatile, that no matter what the occasion, cotton has you covered. Cotton breathes better than other fabrics like synthetic or polyester. Western formals are mostly made of synthetic fibres, so go for a cotton-friendly fabric.

Since cotton is breathable and doesn’t retain odors like oil-based fabrics, you can save your clothes a few trips to the hamper between wears. Not doing laundry is awesome, of course. Plus you’ll save money, water and energy, and help your clothes last even longer.

3. Comfortable

A Cotton Kurta indeed has a lot of goodwill about itself. Cotton is strong, durable and resists abrasion. It has many benefits to call out for like free movement, airy fabric, low maintenance and much more. So, if your clothes are itchy, irritating, stiff or clingy, look on your label because your clothing may not be cotton-rich. 

4. Easy Maintenance 

Cotton is strong, tough and not afraid to get its fibers dirty. You can rely on it to last a long time and not fall apart on the first wear. From durable work clothes to timeless fabric, stock your closet with cotton because it’s in it for the long haul. 

Cotton is easier to wash and care for than other fabrics, so let your washing machine do your dirty work and enjoy the money you’ll save on dry cleaning. Hence, 
Cotton kurtas are easy to maintain.

5. Easily Affordable

Since, cotton kurtas are easy to maintain, no laundry required as such. This ultimately leads to savings. It is an easily available and affordable fashion material in the market. You can buy them exclusively at to set a new wardrobe essential for corporate and formal events now on. 

"Kurtas are not a substitute to a formal blazer wear instead a substitute to your regular office wear"

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Dressing Hacks for Petite Women

True for around the globe that over 70% of the women in our Indian population is 5’5” and under. Clearly then, it’s plausible and conceivable to presume that the odds of a tall man pairing up or preferring a petite woman would be higher than that of them picking a tall woman!!

There are many a times when you are reminded of how short you are in this tall world, for example when you are riding the subway and someone pushes right into me because I'm not in his peripheral vision, when you can't reach the kitchen cabinets and hop onto the counter, or when you're shopping.

I've tried to be dexterous in my attempts to find clothes. Being short is not so bad either. If you are big on personality and style, no one will even bother about your lack of height. After all, good things come in small packages!

Here are some tips and tricks to flaunt your assets and petite style in a better way to the world.

1. Wear short kurtis

Struggling every morning with your closet for what to wear to office? Your petite figure gives you a set back for not having apt clothes for yourself. We have a good solution. Go for a short kurti over a long one. Short kurtis make you look taller. Choose a shorter one in your wardrobe to kickstart your office week.

2. Wear front slits

Front slit kurtis are a new trend for women out there. These slits not only make you feel taller but also trendy and chic. It is a different way in this boring routine of wearing casuals to office. So, break the monotony and wear trend and look taller than the usual.

3. Go for scarfs/Dupattas

A colorful scarf/dupatta increases the style quotient of any salwar suit or kurti. You can always mix and match lot of these dupatta. You could take your pick from heavily embroidered Phulkari or Kutchi work dupatta, a Bandhani or a leheriya, chanderi silk or even an ikat dupatta. Indian textiles gives you a wide array of options to select from. A printed scarves are now a days available at any store or website easily. Go for solid colours instead of prints.

4. Accessorise yourself

To look mature and bigger in this tall world for a short women is quite a cumbersome idea but not impossible. Accessories have the power to transform your whole look. Wear big earrings or danglers with kurtis. You can also switch from the usual look of leaving your hair open to a beautiful bun instead. Buns make you look a little taller and trendy than ever. Go for high top knots with your ethnic wear to office.  

5. Wear patiala salwars/Cotton Churidars

They have so much room, one can breathe well and move however they want to. They are an alternative option to leggings. This entire look has an air of elegance & sublime beauty to it. It’s so chic & comfortable. Do check the fall of the fabric while you buy. Stiff fabrics will make you look broad. Try loose cottons & satin silks for a flowy texture and feel. It will make you look bigger and taller. Similarly, cotton churidars are not so body hugging. You can even go for them to give you comfort and style simultaneously.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

5 Ethnic Fashion And Style Secrets For Workplace

Add a bit of jazz, opt for these ethnic outfits!  

We have a habit of overthinking about that perfect work outfits, adding a spice to your wardrobe can definitely make your office time a bit more interesting. Kurtis and ethnic wears have been around forever! So, it isn’t a wonder that this sophisticated style of clothing has caught the attention of fashion makers down the years and has been a staple wardrobe style since ages. With every traditional wear lover, making a contribution to this magnificent attire either for a wedding occasion or festivity, or even to the office wear, they have formed their own family tree with relations spread out far and wide. 

So, be it summer, winter, spring or just a casual day to office, there is one particular style secret that hits your head everyday to give a kick start to your unique looks. Here are some handful picks of ethnic style cheats to give you a quaint look for the day.

                          Black Monday

The black is a perfect start to your week. You can pair this kurti with these elegant looking Kundan earrings and a punjabi jutti alongwith. You can also add more colours to this plain black by wearing colourful bangles. Do not forget to add a small bindi to give it the last finishing touch. 


Sunshine Tuesday

Orange is yet another lively colour in this summer season. You can match it up with these accessories and a brown handbag to go with it. Drape this ethnic dupatta available exclusively at Indian Concepts

Greeny Wednesday

Wednesday is your green day! Wear this beautiful ethnic kurti at your workplace and spice it up with these pretty earrings and bangles to go with it. Also, this punjabi jutti is a perfect match for your exclusive ethnic touch. 

Bloody Thursday

Red is the colour of the day so rock it! Red is one that colour that can make you shine even from the farthest distance. So always keep it subtle with these kundan earrings, a cotton dupatta and a bindi to complete your fresh traditional look. 

Bright Friday

Friday is the last day of the week but that doesn't you give up on your looks. Always look fresh and beautiful in this yellow bright kurta and pair it up with this black cotton dupatta, earrings and jutti to give the perfect ethnic taste. 

Friday, 2 June 2017

New rules of working women : Revolutionizing the way the professional women dresses.

The passion, effervescence, and dedication are revolutionizing the way working women buy and wear office attire. If you also spend hours staring at your closet every morning wondering why you have nothing good to wear for the office then you are amongst those thousands of other working women who face the same dilemma and there can be nothing worse than a closet that does not corporate with you when you are already getting late for work.

Let’s face it, dressing up smartly and looking presentable and professional in office makes us feel good about ourselves. The two most important aspects that every working woman in India looks for are :

  • Comfort
  • Fit

 Keeping the way professional women is revolutionizing how women should dress for the office, here are some tips to get you one step closer to a frugal working wardrobe!

The out-of-the-box style is what you need by cuddling into a long straight kurta. Modify the Simple salwar kameez look and embrace a professionally stunning look by pairing a long straight kurta with churidar or leggings. However, you can also team it up with simple palazzo and can rock your work floor.


Pair it with your favorite skimpy jeans or with a huge Patiala, leggings, salwar or a churidar. Kurtis can be worn with a different kind of bottom wear. A short Kurti looks amazing with a long skirt or even harem pants for that go women professional look. If you are wearing a long Kurti, you can always go for a legging to match up with and if you are wearing a trending short one then you can choose a pair of skin fit jeans to enhance the smart working women look.

Complete the look with the colorful dupattas

Dupattas are a perfect match for your ethnic Kurtis. Traditional Indian attire is incomplete without a dupatta being draped over it. Nowadays, they are available in different fabrics and colors to march up to your colorful Kurtis and ethnic office attires. You can pair it with an off-beat legging or churidar to give it an elevated look.

Accessorize easily

The outfit that allows you to accessorize with ease are a woman’s best pick and is always in demand. Depending on your sense of style, you can pair the solid professional kurtas with junk or handmade jewelry style.

Be Office ready with short kurtis

Above the knee-length kurtas are perfect and easy to wear. If you are always confused about what will suit you the best then short kurta is your solution. You can pair them up with skin fit jeans or a palazzo.

There are several solid kurtas made for the Indian corporate women. If you are in search of the best in the market for office wear then the best option is to search it online The best thing about shopping it all online is that you sit right at your desk just scrolling down on your mobile app and can order. Make sure that you choose the different look and styles available for office kurta made from the best in class fabric keeping the demand of the season in consideration. Check out for a varied collection at Indian Concepts and fall in love with the quality trend for the women on go.

Indian Women's Work Wardrobe

Usual travails make us wonder as to why are we forced to wear suits, ties and western formals at work and on important occasions and e...